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Custom built Kvar Units

Custom Built Kvar Units

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Colorado Kvar - Frequently Asked Questions

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What does “KVAR” mean?

KVAR is an electrical acronym for Kilovolt-Ampere-Reactance. We have adopted the acronym and modified it to describe what our product does, Kilovolt-Ampere-Reduction.

How does the KVAR Energy Controller save me money?

The KVAR Energy Controller is installed in compliance with Article 460 of the National Electric Code as close to your electric motors as possible. The KVAR Unit then stores, supplies and recycles the reactive energy to your motors that is normally provided by the electric company. This results in lower energy losses, better voltage regulation and increased system capacity, all of which reduces your measured demand charge and lowers your kilowatt hour consumption, thereby lowering your electric bills, saving you money and increasing the life of your motors by reducing their operating temperatures.

How will KVAR Energy Controllers benefit my facility and reduce costs there?

Using our patented technology we will test, evaluate and build custom KVAR units for each of your inductive loads based on their specific needs. This will reduce the amount of power through your meter which will lower your electric bill and lower the operating temperature of your equipment. Here is a study by the U.S. Department of Energy showing the energy and dollar savings for an industrial facility:

Why haven’t I heard of KVAR before?

As few as five years ago electrical energy prices were far lower and most people weren’t as cognizant of the growing effect our wasteful electrical habits were having on our environment. With rapidly increasing utility costs, higher electrical rates and a greater understanding of how our wasteful system is impacting our environment and ultimately our future way of life, more people, and companies, are actively searching for ways to reduce their power costs and their carbon footprint. KVAR Energy Controllers are one of the most practical ways to accomplish this based on their low initial investment and short return of investment period.Because of this the word is spreading!

How long will the KVAR Energy Controllers last?

Residential units are warranted for 12 years (even against lightening strikes), commercial and industrial units are warranted for 5 years. The design life is over 20 years.